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субота, 24 грудня 2011 р.

New Apple Store Coming to Palo Alto; Steve Jobs to Receive Grammy

Every week, Apple makes news with technology developments, business deals and, more often than not, controversies.

That’s where our weekly "Core Bytes" column on Apple comes in. We’ll relay the past week’s news highlights from our favorite backyard tech giant.

A German court stated it is unlikely to ban Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1N from being distributed in the European Union, as Apple requested of them. The Galaxy, the Duesseldorf regional court argued, noticeably differs in design from Apple patent-protected iPad, with features such as “a contrasting frame and loudspeaker openings.”

New Products
Apple is constructing a new store just down the street from its original one in Palo Alto. The $3.5 million construction will borrow designs from its other stores, and occupy two stories over 15,000 square feet. The city issued a building permit for the store, and construction is to begin “any day now.”

In the future, Apple computers could last weeks without needing a recharge. That is if Apple utilizes two patents it published this week, describing a ”portable and cost-effective fuel cell system for a portable computing device”.

Business Deals and Developments
While there’s been debate over whether Steve Jobs should have received Time’s Person of the Year, one award is clear: Jobs will posthumously be receiving a Grammy award in February. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences is granting their Trustees award to Jobs, the only industrialist to receive one this year, because he “revolutionalized the way music is distributed and purchased.”

Apple was the 13th most visited website in the U.S. in November, according to a news analyst by comScore. It drew 79.2 million visitors during the month, rivaling 12th place New York Times, which had 79.6 million users that month. Apple, Amazon and eBay were the only retailers to make it to the top 15.

This holiday season, “Santa sells.” Especially when he’s featured in an Apple iPhone 4S advertisement. According to Ace Metrix, a TV ad analyst firm, Siri was 2011’s most effective holiday advertisement.

Apple’s iTunes Match service, which makes your iTunes library available through a cloud, is now available in 17 countries. Now you will have no problems pulling up your favorites songs in locales such as Australia, Germany, Mexico and the U.K.
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