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середа, 27 квітня 2011 р.

My ad-supported Kindle is on its way

Today Amazon announced that it was moving up the ship date of its ad-supported Kindle. As luck would have it, my pre-order is moving up, too.

If you’re not familiar with the new Kindle, it’s basically the old Wi-Fi Kindle but with “Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers”. The big selling point is that the ad-supported model brings the normally $139 Kindle down to $114. Of course, for that discount you will have to deal with Sponsored Screensavers and probably some other ads sprinkled inside of your reading experience.

So, why did I buy the ad-supported version? First off, I wanted to try out the experience. I figured that if Amazon made it too intrusive, the customers would complain and Amazon would make a change. Second, while on vacation my wife expressed an interest in a Kindle, so you can’t go wrong with a $114 Kindle.

As for shipping, I ordered my Kindle on April 20th. Amazon originally slated it to arrive on May 5th, but I just received an alert that mine will now show up April 29th. I’ll be sure to power it up and write up a first impressions once it arrives.

I have a feeling that the $114 price will drop soon, though. To only knock off $25 and inundate the customer with ads isn’t going to last. Perhaps this is a trial to see how the customer accepts it, and then maybe it rolls out onto the 3G version, too?

What do you think about the ad-supported model coming to Kindle?

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Wirefly to Sell DROID Charge for Verizon Wireless Beginning April 28

Wirefly (http://www.wirefly.com), the Internet’s leading authorized retailer of cell phones and cell phone plans, today announced it will carry Verizon Wireless’ newest smartphone with the DROID moniker, DROID Charge by Samsung, on the official April 28 launch date. Wirefly customers who want to reserve this highly-anticipated device can now pre-order it on Wirefly.com – and at a special Wirefly price.

Powered by Android 2.2, equipped with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, and operating on Verizon Wireless’ high speed 4G LTE network, the DROID Charge by Samsung is blazing fast and ultra powerful. But, what really sets this device apart from any of its DROID predecessors is the brilliant 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus (480 x 800) display that delivers an unrivalled screen experience with brighter colors, sharper images, and smoother graphics – perfect for watching movies or reading an e-book while on-the-go. And with its micro-HDMI port, users can also easily plug directly into an HDTV when they want to watch their movies on the big screen at home.

Other impressive features include a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for video chat, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Pre-Order Now at Wirefly.com
Customers looking to purchase this hot new device and all of the useful accessories that go along with it do not have to wait any longer. The DROID Charge by Samsung is now available for pre-order on http://www.wirefly.com for new and upgrade-eligible Verizon Wireless customers with a two-year agreement. As always, Wirefly offers significant savings with no rebates and fast, free Fedex shipping and free returns.

Wirefly’s Pre-Order Price Guarantee
Customers who pre-order the DROID Charge can take comfort knowing that their purchase is protected by Wirefly’s 30 Day Pre-Order Price Guarantee. If the price of the device on Wirefly.com drops below the pre-order price within 30 days of the release date, Wirefly will automatically refund the difference to the customer’s credit card.

Wirefly has become America’s trusted source for cell phones because it makes shopping for cell phones fast, easy, and affordable. In addition, Wirefly offers an array of services aimed at improving the mobile phone buying experience, including:

Wirefly Learn: A helpful resource that offers a wealth of information to keep you informed about cell phones including video demos, unbiased reviews, and side-by-side comparisons.
Upgrade Checker: A quick and easy service that gives you the ability to know when you are eligible for your next phone upgrade. When the upgrade time is nearing, you can elect to receive a complimentary reminder e-mail or text message.
Wirefly Mobile Backup: Wirefly Mobile Backup lets you back up and transfer your contacts and other mobile content FREE –- regardless of carrier, manufacturer or operating system.
Wirefly Trade-Ins: Confidently trade-in old and unwanted electronics, not just cell phones, for cash or a charitable donation, with the knowledge that these products will be properly and safely recycled.
Mobile.Wirefly.com: The mobile-optimized version of Wirefly.com that lets you research and compare cell phone deals from any mobile device – at any time, from anywhere.

To read more about Wirefly or its resources, visit http://www.wirefly.com.

About Wirefly
Wirefly.com is America’s trusted source for cell phones and wireless service plans. Owned and operated by Simplexity, Wirefly.com is the Internet’s #1 authorized dealer for the top cellular carrier in the U.S. Wirefly.com also offers discounts and services not available in retail wireless stores including a better selection of the latest cell phones, greater savings, straightforward pricing with no rebates, and fast, free FedEx shipping with free returns on devices from HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry and many other cell phone handset manufacturers. Wirefly.com has been named “Best of the Web” by Forbes magazine and “Best in Overall Customer Experience” by Keynote Performance Systems. For more information about our wireless products and its services, visit http://www.wirefly.com. Shopping from a web-enabled cell phone? Wirefly’s mobile-optimized website, mobile.wirefly.com allows consumers to quickly and easily explore its extensive catalog of cell phones and receive unbiased information from any web-enabled cell phone, regardless of operating system. With Wirefly Mobile, visitors can shop and compare phones and pricing by manufacturer, carrier or rate plan while on the go.
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Android Has 37% of U.S. Smartphone Share: Nielsen

Nielsen detects a preferential shift that reflects Android's ascension, which has happened rapidly in the last six months.

Google's Android operating system rose to 37 percent U.S. market share compared with 27 percent for Apple's iPhone through March, according to the latest Nielsen data.

That's up 8 percent from Nielsen's March 3 accounting for January, when the researcher said Android notched 29 percent, breaking a statistical tie with Apple's iOS and Research In Motion's BlackBerry platforms.

Nielsen also detected a preferential shift that reflects Android's ascension, which has happened rapidly in the last six months.

When Nielsen surveyed U.S. mobile consumers from July to September 2010, one-third of the respondents said they wanted an iPhone, compared with 26 percent who said a handset running Android was on their shopping list.

However, when Nielsen conducted the same survey from January through March 2011, 31 percent of consumers who plan to acquire a new smartphone said they were looking to buy an Android device. No slouch itself, the iPhone dipped to 30 percent.

When Nielsen followed up its calculations, 50 percent of those surveyed in March 2011 who said they had purchased a smartphone in the past six months said they had picked an Android device. Samsung's Galaxy S devices, the Motorola Atrix 4G, and the HTC ThunderBolt likely helped account for those sales.

Some 25 percent of recent acquirers said they bought an iPhone, no doubt buoyed by the launch of the iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless, while 15 percent said they had picked a BlackBerry phone.

Nielsen now rates BlackBerry No. 3 behind iOS with 22 percent of the U.S. smartphone market.

Nielsen isn't the only vendor to chart Android's rise. ComScore said earlier this month that Android now commands 33 percent U.S. smartphone share, compared with 25 percent for the iPhone.

However, comScore also noted last week that the prevalence of Apple iOS devices outpaced Android gadgets by 59 percent.

Specifically, the researcher said iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches combined to reach 37.9 million users, compared with 23.8 million combined Android smartphone and users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and other Android tablets.
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