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Do I Need Special Virus Protection for Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are easily the world’s most popular social media networks, providing users with an easy way to connect with friends and acquaintances across the globe. Many use these networks to spread links that contain videos, articles, and photos, but it is important to understand that viruses and malware can also be spread through social media use. While there are no specific antivirus tools dedicated to social networks, there are a myriad of resources that should be utilized by any computer owner who plans to become active on one of these networks.

How and Where to Download Free Android Antivirus Protection

Android antivirus tools have become increasingly popular for tablet users and smartphone owners running the mobile platform developed by Google. While Android devices are capable of performing a myriad of advanced computing tasks, they are all susceptible to infection by malware packages. When malware and viruses take over, the device can stop working, data can become compromised, and a myriad of different errors can occur. Understanding how and where to download protection is an important step in making certain the device stays secure.

How to Scan a File for Viruses Before Opening It

Virus-infested files are capable of causing many different problems for computer users, making it essential to verify that downloads are safe before allowing them to access the system. There are a multitude of different tools available for computer users to help keep valuable machines protected against these malicious threats. Use one of the following methods to make certain a virus is not allowed to attack your computer system.

Top 5 Issues Encountered Without a Registry Cleaner

Windows registry cleaners have become more advanced over the course of the past decade, providing computer users with a more effective way to keep their machine running efficiently. Unfortunately, many computer owners are uncertain as to what a registry cleaner does, and why they need one of these sophisticated tools operating on their computer. In fact, there are a variety of issues that can crop up when a registry cleaner is not used regularly. The following 5 are among the most common issues that occur without regular registry cleaning.
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