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How to Block Spam Computer Popups

Computer popups are an incredibly annoying reality that many users face when browsing the Internet. Filling with a wide range of different advertisements, it isn’t unusual for spammers to use popups in an attempt to trick computer users in to purchasing their products. Popups can even spread viruses and spyware. In an effort to block these popups, users will often try an assortment of different products that vary in efficiency. Fortunately, manual removal is possible, which can help eradicate popups. Some tools are also incredibly effective at making sure these pesky threats stay dormant.
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How to Upgrade Your Antivirus to Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, and has already attracted significant attention from consumers across the planet. While the exciting new changes included within the operating system are both interesting and innovative, it is essential for Windows users to remember to keep their computer protected when upgrading to a new OS. Antivirus protection is perhaps one of the most important tools available to computer owners, keeping their machines from becoming infected with malicious software. Fortunately, it is easy to upgrade to a new product when using Windows 8.

How to Respond When Antivirus Software Fails

Antivirus software is a tool that computer experts believe to be vital for systems around the world. Unfortunately, none of these products are perfect, meaning they are liable to fail at some point. When an antivirus product runs on the computer, it looks for infections that are currently active on the machine. Sometimes a virus can pass without being identified, leaving the machine in peril. Assuming this occurs on the computer, it is essential for the owner of the machine to respond accordingly. This will help minimize the risk any viruses or spyware pose
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How to Remove Trojan Generic24 for newbies

Trojans are a problem that is growing rapidly online, causing headaches for millions of computer users around the globe. The trojan known as generic24 is spread by opening malicious attachments received via email. If a website visited has been infected with the trojan, it can also spread in this manner. Once generic24 has infected the machine, it will start to download viruses that become active once the computer is restarted. If the problem is identified, it is important to remove it from the machine quickly. This will help eliminate the potential for further issues on the machine.

Latest Spyware Threats: MiniFlame and Pesky Spyware. Stay alive.

Spyware is an issue for computer users who regularly connect to the Internet. Hackers can use these products to cause a myriad of different issues for the user. Among these issues is identity theft, which can have serious repercussions. Nefarious developers are constantly working on new variants of pesky spyware, with many of the more modern spyware products proving incredibly difficult to remove. The source of these spyware suites is contested, but some believe that spyware such as MiniFlame may have potentially been developed by a sophisticated government team.