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What is Wrong with Free Antivirus Protection?

Antivirus tools are necessary for many different reasons, helping to keep computer systems safe and running properly. Many of these programs require the computer owner to pay for a license each year, which can easily amount to several hundred dollars over the course of the computer’s lifetime. Free antivirus tools may look like a viable alternative for users who are reluctant to spend their money on these packages, but many of these products represent serious downsides. Consider the following 5 cons before using a free antivirus protection tool.
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Top 5 Pros and Cons of Downloading Free Antivirus Software

Downloading an antivirus tool is an important step in helping to maintain the security of a computer system. Because many antivirus suites are quite expensive, it isn’t unusual for a computer owner to consider a free alternative. Before installing one of these security suites on your machine, it is important to thoroughly consider both the pros and cons of such a decision. Use the following pros and cons to determine whether using a free antivirus package is a good idea for your system.

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Do I Need a Virus Scanner for My Cell Phone?

Virus scanners and antivirus products have traditionally been utilized on desktop computers. With the ever-growing influx of smartphones, however, many mobile phone users find themselves wondering whether they need a virus scanner for their cell phone. While rarely emphasized by cell phone carriers, antivirus products are often incredibly important, and can help to reduce the risk of damage to the device by nefarious developers using highly-sophisticated malware programs developed for mobile platforms. The following 5 reasons are among the most important that should be taken into consideration when considering an antivirus program.
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How to Find Out if Your Registry Cleaner is a Scam

Registry cleaners perform an important role in keeping a computer safe and running efficiently. When properly utilized, these registry cleaners remove entries from a computer’s registry that are not needed. The registry is used to keep the machine running according to the computer user’s preferences, in addition to taking care of issues related to how programs themselves run. Unfortunately, because so many computer owners need registry cleaners, many hackers and nefarious developers have created malware that masquerades as legitimate software packages. Utilize the following tips to make certain your cleaner is not a scam and will not harm your computer.
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How to make sure that my spyware and malware removal works

When a spyware or malware program manages to infect a machine, the user can expect a myriad of different problems to crop up. While removal programs are expected to cleanse a machine of all remnants of a malware program, many times removing these issues can be trickier than expected. This means that portions of the program could remain on the machine, potentially causing issues in the future. In order to ensure this does not occur, it is essential to double-check to ensure that the software in question has been removed. Use the following checks to make certain your computer is safe.
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