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UPDATE: After a few hours Apple iPad 2 shipping drops to 2-3 weeks

I am currently in Alaska on business (actually saw a tsunami watch notice on my hotel TV) and thus placed an online order for an iPad 2 (Apple opened the store about 10 minutes early). I fly home this afternoon and will try to go pick an iPad 2 up at a local store, but wanted to place the online order as a backup in case the lines are long or they sell out. The ONLY available shipping method is the free one that Apple’s site shows as shipping in 3-5 business days.

I tried finding an expedited shipping options, but there is nothing available for online orders. I imagine we will see shipping sooner than this given that they do not even offer expedited shipping options so orders today could arrive on Monday or Tuesday, if we are lucky. BTW, I went with just a 16GB WiFi model in white with an orange Smart Cover. I am still debating picking up a 32GB model or 16GB 3G model at the store later today and figure I could then compare the two and decide which one I really want to go with.

Any readers order their iPad 2 online?

UPDATE: After a few hours, we already now see iPad 2 status change to a 2-3 week shipping period. Good think I ordered mine right away. Lines could be longer now with the online delays.
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Up to 20% of original iPad buyers predicted to upgrade to Apple's iPad 2

Of the 15 million iPads sold by Apple in 2010, between 15 and 20 percent of those early adopters will upgrade to the iPad 2, one analyst believes.

Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets sees up to a fifth of original iPad buyers switching to the iPad 2 over the next 12 months. But most who buy an iPad 2 in 2011 will be new to the platform, and Abramsky expects Apple will sell 28 million of its touchscreen tablet in this calendar year.

He expects those sales to get off to a strong start this weekend, as Apple may sell more than 500,000 of the iPad 2 after it goes on sale today at 5 p.m. That would nearly double the 300,000 first-gen iPads sold on launch day last April.

The launch will also be bolstered by more than 10 times larger retail distribution, at nearly 10,000 stores, including Apple's retail outlets, Best Buy, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Target and Walmart. The analyst said initial sales could exceed his estimates if available stock is greater than expected on launch weekend.

New buyers likely waited for the second-generation device, looking for upgrades from the initial product and also waiting to gauge the popularity of the tablet form factor, Abramsky believes. He sees the global tablet market growing to sales of 50 million devices in 2011, a number that would give Apple's estimated sales a 56 percent share of the worldwide market.

If Apple does take 56 percent of the market in 2011, that would be a decrease from the 83 percent of shipments Apple represented in 2010. But a new survey revealed this week also showed that most who plan to buy a tablet -- 82 percent -- said they will choose Apple's iPad.

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The week in iPad cases: The iPad 2 cometh!

The launch of the iPad 2 brings with it the expected onslaught of new accessories—including, of course, plenty of cases. It's thus fitting that this installment of our iPad case roundups is dominated by protection for Apple's newest device.

Case Closed: Case Closed specializes in sleeves made with German Wool Felt—they look fuzzy and keep your device cozy. For the iPad 2, the company sells a basic one-color (charcoal or grey) model for £26 and a dual-color (charcoal and orange) model for £33. For £3 more, you can opt to add elastic closure straps. The company also offers, at the same prices, versions of these sleeves that accommodate an iPad 2 with Apple's iPad Smart Cover.

CrystalRoc's Swarowski—4,000 crystals make one awesome disco ball.

CrystalRoc: You may want to put on a pair of sunglasses before you check out the Swarovski for iPad 2, which covers the back of your tablet with a whopping 4,000 Xillion crystals from the fabled glassmaker. The $700 covering is available in three colors: crystal, jet hematite, or rose.

Hard Candy Cases: The Bubble Sleeve ($50; iPad & iPad 2) comes in black, "gold green," or pink and combines a rigid, EVA-molded case with a number of bubble-shaped shock absorbers that help protect the iPad from unwanted bumps.

The StreetSkin ($40; iPad 2) is a thin, rubber skin that protects without adding too much bulk. It also incorporates magnets that, as with Apple's Smart Cover, automatically put the iPad 2 to sleep and wake it up when you close and open the case, respectively.

The CandyConvertible ($45; iPad 2) is a folio-style case made of animal-friendly faux-nubuck material and available in red or black.

iKit: The Carbon Case ($30; iPad 2) combines durable rubber and polycarbonate together in a snap-on case that provides both style and protection. The rubber-molded sides ensure a safe grip.

Marware: The Eco-Flip case ($55; iPad 2) aims for versatility: It's a case that flips open like an old-style notepad; it's a stand; it's a typing platform; and it's a wraparound strap that lets you hold your iPad comfortably in your hand. More than that, it's made of environmentally-conscious leather. The Eco-Flip is available for pre-order on Marware's Website.

Nedrelow's Sleeve. Doesn't it look cozy?

Nedrelow: If you like sleeves, this company is introducing the Sleeve for iPad 2 ($39). You get your choice of a vertical- or horizontal-loading orientation, as well as support for either a bare iPad 2 or one wearing Apple's Smart Cover. The handmade Sleeve is available in charcoal, forest green, or natural brown and will start shipping on March 16.

Nextware: Calgary-based manufacturer Nextware (Website currently undergoing renovation) is aiming for simplicity and style with two new iPad 2 covers. The Foliobook ($45), available in tweed or faux-leather, has a soft, microfiber interior and doubles as an adjustable-height stand. The Carbon Clip ($35) is a snap-on, hardshell case that provides excellent protection while leaving all the important parts of your iPad readily accessible. The cases are slated for a late-March release.

XtremeMac: XtremeMac's Tuffwrap Shine (iPad 2) is a soft, snap-on case available in three different styles. The Shine provides protection without adding too much bulk and comes in honeysuckle pink, transparent, or black. If you're looking for the thinnest possible case, the Microshield (iPad 2) is a rigid plastic case that provides extra grip and comes in frosted-finish black, blue, or purple.

For the more style-conscious, XtremeMac also offers the Thin Sleeve (iPad & iPad 2), which sports a durable exterior and a soft, microsuede interior to keep your iPad safe and sound. The Sleeve also features a unique "eject tab," to help you pull out your iPad, and a magnetic closure. Prices are not yet available for any of these new models, but the cases will be available for order from the company's Website on March 11.

The Zaggmate—a cover, keyboard, and self-defense weapon in one convenient package

Zagg: The makers of the popular InvisibleShield protective films are at it again with versions designed specifically for the iPad 2. The films are available for pre-order for $30 to $40, depending on how much of the tablet you want to protect, and come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Zagg has also announced an iPad 2-compatible version ($100) of the company's ZaggMate Case with Keyboard, which combines an aircraft-grade aluminium shell for the front and sides of the iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. The new Zaggmate is also available for pre-order.
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