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Top 10 Problems with Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft made waves when it introduced its very first program that would keep viruses off of Windows systems without making the user pay a dime. While the software has been installed on millions of machines across the globe, there are several issues within the antivirus tool that can be problematic for users. The following 10 explore the most complaints made by users of the Microsoft Security Essentials suite. Read more at http://www.topvirusprotection.org/top-10-problems-with-microsoft-security-essentials/

How to Download a Paid Copy of Microsoft Antivirus Tools for Free

Antivirus tools are a computer owner’s first defense against the world of viruses and infections, helping to keep the machine safe from threats on the Internet. A valuable antivirus tool will work to keep the computer continually protected, while also removing any problems as soon as they crop up on the machine. Unfortunately, many computer owners mistakenly spend a small fortune buying an antivirus program to keep their machine safe. In fact, it is often possible to download these programs without paying a cent. It is important to note that the legality of such downloads is questionable, and users should proceed at their own risk.

Read more at http://www.downloadantivirus.biz/how-to-download-a-paid-copy-of-microsoft-antivirus-tools-for-free/

Stop the Presses: Best Mac Antivirus Finally Discovered

Mac computers have become incredibly popular in recent years, increasing the chances that owners will become infected with a virus or spyware program at some point. In fact, major virus attacks have already occurred previously, with millions of unprotected Macs falling prey to the infection. While finding an antivirus program for a Mac is often much more difficult than purchasing a similar product for a PC, there are several viable options available that can help keep machines protected. Consider the following information before making a purchase for your Mac.
Read whole article http://www.virus-scanners.info/stop-the-presses-best-mac-antivirus-finally-discovered/

How to Find a Powerful Registry Cleaner without Overpaying

Registry cleaners are a necessity in the modern computing world, allowing users to easily keep their machines optimized and running efficiently. With the huge assortment of different registries on the market, finding the right option is a simple task for most computer users. Unfortunately, many of the programs available are quite costly, making it difficult for the everyday user to afford them. In fact, it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune to procure a great copy of a registry cleaner. Armed with a bit of research, computer users can easily find a powerful program without spending too much.
For more http://www.registrycleanerswatch.com/how-to-find-a-powerful-registry-cleaner-without-overpaying/

When Spyware Blocks Antivirus Programs: How to Deal with the Issue

Spyware is a problematic issue for many computer owners, causing a myriad of different challenges for the user to deal with. While antivirus programs have long served as the go-to resource for keeping these threats out, some sophisticated spyware tools can actually block the antivirus from functioning properly. This is particularly dangerous for the computer user, as many individuals do not recognize that the problem had occurred. By continuing to browse the Internet, the user is at risk of further infection. Use the following tips to deal with a spyware issue that is causing the antivirus to malfunction.
Find out all ways at source http://www.spywareguide.net/when-spyware-blocks-antivirus-programs-how-to-deal-with-the-issue/