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субота, 24 грудня 2011 р.

Apple’s iPad 2 satisfaction is 84 percent, many install top iPad apps

A report suggests that Cupertino based tech giant Apple’s iPad 2 satisfaction is 84 percent among users and many install top iPad apps. iPad is very satisfactory. A new survey has proven this fact, and now can make even more non-iPad owners crave for the Apple tablet.

Software Usability Research Laboratory conducted a study of user satisfaction and found that an overwhelming majority of iPad owners are satisfied with their tablet from Apple. It also revealed some information on when and where people use their iPad.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop highlighted the study entitled iPad Usage Patterns On-the-Go and at Work this Thursday. In the study 52 respondents ranging in age from 23 to 80 were polled on a 75-item survey.

The survey revealed that 83.65% of respondents were satisfied with the iPad. 62% Apple users ranked Apple’s device as “excellent,” 10% considered it the “best imaginable,” and 21% thought it was “good.”

The survey also tried to find out how people are using the device. 52% of participants reported carrying their iPad only when traveling, 21% carry their iPad every time they go out, and 17% only carry it to work.

On the application use, the survey found that 17% of respondents have more than 80 applications on their iPad. 29% have between 1 and 20 applications installed, while 33% have 21 to 40 applications.

However, having 80 applications does not mean the users use these regularly. 35% of the respondents use between 1 and 5 applications, 40% use between 6 and 10 applications and a mere 4% regularly used more than 20 applications.

The survey also revealed that iPad users commonly use their iPads in the living room, followed by the bedroom, kitchen and dining room. The iPad is most commonly used to browse the Web, followed by checking e-mail, reading news, and social networking.

A similar poll was conducted in 2010 following the release of the first-generation iPad showed that Apple’s new product category carried a 91% satisfaction rating.

User satisfaction is a critical criterion in the success of a tech company and ensures user loyalty, also decreasing the risk of customer hopping away to some other firm.

The most popular thing about the iPad, according to the users, is the apps. The apps were unanimously declared to be ease-of-use, screen size and portability.

In the report about the survey, SURL wrote, “Overall, it seems as though Apple is listening to its customers. Many participants from the original study mentioned the lack of a camera and ability to multitask as being the LEAST liked features of the iPad. These were not mentioned as frequently in the current study, as Apple introduced cameras in the iPad 2 and made multitasking abilities available for both the original iPad and iPad 2.”
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