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субота, 26 листопада 2011 р.

Tech Week: Apple Siri on iPad 2 and more...

It's once again been a hectic week in the world of tech with technological problems being at the forefront of people's minds. First up is the news that the Apple iPhone 4S and Airplay aren't being cosy via iPod docks, with a major manufacturer reporting a some serious connection problems. This was then followed by it's rival the Samsung Galaxy Nexus suffering from volume problems,

Google have however confirmed a fix for this problem but were not been able to defend themselves from a second barrage this time after it was discovered the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would not support USB Mass storage .

This bad news however was short-lived after it was revealed that Apple Siri on iPad 2 could in fact soon be possible after developers found a way to crack Apple's proxy. This has since resulted in some truly original ideas on how Siri can be used to control items in our lives.

In gaming news: Reports have surfaced which suggest the PS Vita will stream PS3 titles over a WiFi connection, the software update could well happen in mid-2012.

It's also a big week for Nintendo as it's the Nintendo Wii's 5th Birthday, the occassion was celebrated with a specially released version of the console in the US.

Xbox Live gamers were placed in the spotlight after it was revealed that some Xbox Live gamers were being conned through a phishing campaign of fake emails which asked gamers to give across their Xbox Live details.
Black Friday deals

It being the day after Thanksgiving it wouldn't be a proper Tech Week if we didn't give you all the best Black Friday deals along with some T3 exclusives thrown in as well to make sure you enjoy this tech-related bonanza to its fullest.

Well it's not really a tech-related Christmas if you don't all huddle around the TV and watch some films so to help with that we've put together the Best Blu-ray movies and DVD's to buy this Christmas.

If you're looking to keep your Apple iPad 2 warm this winter well look no further, T3 has compiled a list of the Best Apple iPad 2 cases, whether you need something sturdy, stylish or just downright original, it's all there.

Having some problems filling the stockings this Christmas, not a problem. We've been trawling through the interweb to find the best 50 Christmas stocking-fillers.

Finally, if the generic high-street tech is just far to 'mainstream' then we may be able to help, putting together an eclectic list T3 has found the best cool gadgets and gizmos all of which offer you something a little different from the norm.

The big review of the week quite clearly goes to our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review, offering you the full break-down of its features and functions T3 gets up close and personal with the Ice Cream Sandwich handset to see how it holds up.

In case you haven't already, check out the Assassin's Creed: Revelations review where T3 finds out whether Ezio is still up there as no.1 or has lost his way as one of the coolest gaming characters to come into existence.

Finally if you're into your sports in a big way then this could be for you, T3 travelled across the pond to do a Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Glasses review. Yes that's a mouthful but these advanced specs limit your vision in split-second gaps, speeding up your reactions and potentially making you even quicker and more responsive.
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