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середа, 13 квітня 2011 р.

Google updates Android enterprise features

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) said it has made more updates to its Android for business portfolio around security and connecting colleagues. The new features will be available to all Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education customers.

The search giant said it has released a new version of the Google Apps Device Policy app that enables employees to secure a lost or stolen Android device (those running Android 2.2 or higher) by locating it on a map, ringing the device and resetting the device PIN or password remotely via the company's new "My Devices" website. In addition, Google Apps administrators have the option in the control panel to "Encrypt Data on Device," which now includes requiring encrypted storage on Android 3.0 tablets.

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Google is also adding a new corporate contacts app called Google Apps Lookup, which is designed to make it easier for workers to find and contact people in their organizations by typing or speaking the name or email address of a co-worker and then tapping the screen to call, email, IM or send a text message.

"With more than 300,000 devices activated per day globally, Android is seeing rapid adoption in the post-PC era," the company wrote on its blog. "Android works quite well with Google Apps, but we're working to make it an excellent choice for both end-users and IT at businesses and schools."

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