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понеділок, 18 квітня 2011 р.

The BlackBerry PlayBook Looking to Take on the IPad 2

It seems that every time that the industry hears of a new smart tablet hitting the market, they are promoting it as the thing that will compete with the iPad 2. The Motorola Xoom was a device that a lot of industry insiders predicted could have the chance of overtaking the iPad 2 but the sales for that device have not met expectations, falling way behind the iPad 2.

Now there is talk of a new tablet and that being the BlackBerry PlayBook. BlackBerry claims that they could be the one to topple the dominance of Apple.

The PlayBook will hit stores on April 19th and you can bet that the smart tablet industry will be waiting in anticipation as to what the early sales numbers will be. If the PlayBook has success like the BlackBerry phone, there could easily be a battle between Apple and BlackBerry for smart tablet supremeness.

The PlayBook takes the same approach as the iPad 2 by making things sleek and simple. There are no buttons with the PlayBook and the front screen is made of glass. While it is a 7 inch screen, the PlayBook is the smart tablet that resembles the iPad 2 the most amongst the other competitors.

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