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The Technology Newsbucket: Fresh IFPI piracy crackdown in London, Windows Phone 7 software woes, and more

A quick burst of 11 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team

New music industry plan: halt flow of money to pirate music sites >> Ars Technica

"IFPI has proudly announced a new copyright enforcement initiative. It boils down to this: IFPI will submit allegedly infringing websites to the London police department's Economic Crime Directorate. Once the division has "verified the evidence," it will pass the information to MasterCard and Visa."

No 'Mango' Windows Phone update before December? >> Windows IT Pro

This could spell a big problem for Nokia, which is waiting for the next big update to Windows Phone (beyond 7) before it intends to release "Nokindows" phones: "Windows Phone fans will need to wait for the v2 release of Windows Phone 7, code-named Mango, to get a major functional update. Mango will be finalized by the end of 2011, and while Microsoft recently promised to ship this release to customers by the end of the year as well, my sources tell me that schedule is a near impossibility. "

Windows Phone 7: Will NoDo show? Has Mango gone soft? >> ZDNet

Mary Jo Foley on the unending "update that doesn't update" for Windows Phone 7 problem: some Samsung phones still haven't updated for technical reasons. Big question: will that push back the "copy/paste" update due later this week?

No Windows Tablets Until Late 2012? That Could be Disastrous. Or a Pretty Good Idea >> Technologizer

Harry McCracken makes a good case. Then again, at this point Microsoft has tried competing via Windows 7, and it's been a failure. So, Windows 8 it will have to be - given that it's not allowing Windows Phone 7 on tablets.

Samsung sees iPad 2's thinness, price as challenges >> Yonhapnews

"Samsung Electronics Co., the world's second-largest maker of mobile phones, sees the slim design and competitive price of Apple Inc.'s new iPad 2 as its biggest obstacles, a senior official said Friday." In which case it arguably hasn't realised what the real biggest obstacles are: availability of compelling apps and user experience.

Apple's MacBook Pros ship with active SSD TRIM support in Snow Leopard >> AppleInsider

TRIM support means solid state disks have OS-level support (rather than needing it in their own firmware). Now available for Apple-supplied SSDs; soon coming for others too?

RIM's Marketing Chief to Leave >> WSJ.com

"The departure of Mr. [Keith] Pardy, who was hired from Nokia Corp. in late 2009, deprives the smartphone maker of a marketing chief during the crucial lead-up to the launch of its PlayBook tablet, expected at the end of March or early April. It reflects larger turmoil in RIM, as the company struggles to remake itself from a maker of corporate-workhorse devices known for security and reliability to a producer of hip, media-savvy gadgets that can compete with the likes of Apple Inc.'s iPhones and iPads, say people familiar with RIM's strategy."

IE6 Countdown >> Microsoft

We'd like to be able to zero in on particular places on the map. Such as the NHS and other parts of UK government. Then let's see what the (geiger?) reading is.

Nexus One downloaded OTA update for Gingerbread 2.3.3 but didn't update after reboot >> Google Mobile Help

Interesting to read the advice on how to do the update. It makes Android feel like Linux. Which of course it is.

US cites a top Chinese web site in the sale of fake goods >> NYTimes.com

"The United States government has labeled China's top search engine, Baidu, and Taobao, a popular Chinese-based e-commerce platform, as 'notorious markets' linked to sales of pirated and fake goods." Specifically, "music, clothing and other goods that were fake or unauthorized copies."

Smartphones - the grip of death >> Bristol University

If you dig through it, you discover that what it's saying is "all smartphones can suffer from the death grip".

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