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понеділок, 7 березня 2011 р.

Good Boot: Series for novices to delve into Windows 7 features

Until recently I was pretty much convinced most Good Booters were only interested in discovering features of their operating system that applied to the computing adventures in which they were currently involved. That the days when so many of us were curious about everything our operating system could do whether or not it had anything to do with a computer adventure of particular interest were long past.

Well it seems I was wrong. Of late many former Xpers and re-enthused Vista users have asked that I provide a novice-friendly tutorial series that would help them discover the less obvious Windows 7 features and how to safely tweak Windows 7 default settings.

When I asked them why they did not invest in a manual many responded manuals were too technical, too detailed and did not provide adequate warning that adjusting a particular default setting might cause a serious problem.

Be as it may, your wish is my command. Next Monday I'll begin a Windows 7 tutorial series for novices and those who may be a bit timid about adjusting default settings. If the tutorials are beneficial and should you miss one, you can find my last few Good Boots on the News-Press Web site by clicking on Opinion and Columnist. All my Good Boots can be found at www.goodboot.net.

But be assured should I receive a significant number of requests for information on a particular subject, I'll pre-empt a Windows 7 tutorial or two with my response. I'll also continue to periodically provide interesting and productive freeware.

Apropos of productive freeware programs, I recommend you check out CintaNotes (http://cintanotes.com).

CintaNotes is a lightweight, user-friendly personal notes manager. It allows you to quickly save and tag information or a quick note to yourself. You can clip text anywhere by selecting it and clicking a hot key. The text clipping works in any application that can copy text to clipboard. CintaNotes will automatically save the text and if appropriate its source URL.

Once you have accumulated a significant library of notes, to find a specific note you simply start typing. The note(s) containing the typed words or phrases will appear. You can also search by titles and URL's from which the note was taken.

You can use tags for note organization and synchronize notes across multiple PCs.

Because CintaNotes is a totally self-contained application you can install the program on a flash drive and have your notes available anywhere you go.

Here's wishing you a Good Boot.
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