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пʼятниця, 28 вересня 2012 р.

Top 5 Online Virus Scanners That Won’t Slow You Down

When it comes to viruses and spyware, computer owners can never be too careful. Once infected with one of these threats, the results can be catastrophic. In an effort to identify any threats that may have managed to enter a machine, many users turn to online virus scanners. These free tools can be used to check the system, looking for things that may be out of place. Before using one of these resources, it is important to make sure that the scanner is safe and will not hurt the machine. The following 5 scanners are a good bet for a safe way to ensure the machine’s safety without risking slowing down the system.
Read more http://www.virus-scanners.info/top-5-online-virus-scanners-that-wont-slow-you-down/

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