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пʼятниця, 11 березня 2011 р.

UPDATE: After a few hours Apple iPad 2 shipping drops to 2-3 weeks

I am currently in Alaska on business (actually saw a tsunami watch notice on my hotel TV) and thus placed an online order for an iPad 2 (Apple opened the store about 10 minutes early). I fly home this afternoon and will try to go pick an iPad 2 up at a local store, but wanted to place the online order as a backup in case the lines are long or they sell out. The ONLY available shipping method is the free one that Apple’s site shows as shipping in 3-5 business days.

I tried finding an expedited shipping options, but there is nothing available for online orders. I imagine we will see shipping sooner than this given that they do not even offer expedited shipping options so orders today could arrive on Monday or Tuesday, if we are lucky. BTW, I went with just a 16GB WiFi model in white with an orange Smart Cover. I am still debating picking up a 32GB model or 16GB 3G model at the store later today and figure I could then compare the two and decide which one I really want to go with.

Any readers order their iPad 2 online?

UPDATE: After a few hours, we already now see iPad 2 status change to a 2-3 week shipping period. Good think I ordered mine right away. Lines could be longer now with the online delays.
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