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четвер, 15 грудня 2011 р.

Opinion: Why Apps devs choose Apple's iPhone 5

Developers, developers, developers: you're going to make more money building apps for Apple [AAPL] and iOS than you'll gather building for Android, claims Flurry Analytics. It seems no amount of (could it be?) reality distortion on the part of Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, can transform this environment, at least, not yet.

[ABOVE: Samsung's latest Apple cult-bashing ad. I'm not convinced Android offers "tons of places" to buy movies."]

When users don't use

MobiLens says that for the three months ending in October, Android devices represented 46.3 percent of US smartphone subscribers in contrast to 28.1 percent using iOS. Apple claims over 250 million iOS devices have been activated in contrast to Google's claimed 200 million Android devices.

Flurry's findings show that despite Android's larger marketshare -- NPD says the OS commands 53 percent of the US smartphone market -- when it comes down to apps users aren't especially interested. Granted, Google's achieving a claimed billion app downloads each month, but Apple sees 18 times that.

So, right now, we can see that apps use on the Android OS is dwarfed by that of iOS, despite which Schmidt told France's Le Web conference that within six months, Android would be the first platform developers will build apps for.
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