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пʼятниця, 16 грудня 2011 р.

GTA 3 for iPhone and Android out now: Get it here

UPDATE: We’ve had reports that GTA 3 Mobile is working fine on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Grand Theft Auto III has landed on the iPhone App Store and Android Market (for selected devices). It’s a landmark day for any gamer who looks back fondly on the PS2 era, and a true technical achievement. Want it? Get it from us here and now…

As previously reported, GTA 3 has been ported in its entirety to mobiles to mark its 10th anniversary. The controls have been very sensibly converted to touchscreen buttons in such a way as to make sense, while all the music and radio stations you remember are here too.

GTA 3 Mobile is available on the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S and the following Android handsets: Droid X2, HTC Evo 2, LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Atrix.

GTA 5 Official!

It’s also available for the iPad and the following Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

GTA 3 Mobile is priced at the incredibly reasonable £2.99, so what are you waiting for? You can own a slab of gaming history by following the links below or scanning these QR codes:

The download is around 700Mb so you’ll need to be connected to WiFi, but we guarantee it’ll be the best 700Mb you’ve ever downloaded. If you buy it, let us know what you think.
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