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четвер, 15 грудня 2011 р.

Apple launches Itunes Match in the UK

FRUIT THEMED GADGET SELLER Apple has started to roll out its Itunes Match service in more countries including the UK, France and New Zealand.

According to Apple Insider, some users have had trouble activating the service, which launched in the US in November, two weeks later than originally planned. The service apparently costs £21.99 in the UK.

Users' complaints centre around not being unable to sign up for or access the service yet, leading some to speculate that the launch was accidental.

Itunes Match is an Apple subscription service that automatically scans all of the songs on a user's Apple computer and matches them with equivalents on Apple's cloud servers, while also allowing users to manually upload songs that are not in Apple's catalogues.

The service costs $25 a year in the US, which isn't bad considering that it solves the problem of having illegally sourced material, either via ripping songs from a friend's CD or downloading from a filesharing web site. Apple will match up to 25,000 songs, whether they were acquired legitimately or not.

In addition to solving the problem of illegally acquired music, which the music industry can then make a small income on, Itunes Match works as a good backup service for ensuring that no content is lost while also allowing users to access their music on multiple computers.

It can also free up a significant amount of disk space for a user who wants to simply stream songs from the cloud, but this is not necessarily the best option if your internet connection is less than reliable.

Source: The Inquirer (http://s.tt/14SSC)
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