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субота, 24 грудня 2011 р.

Apple iPhone struggles in Europe as Android dominates

Another year, another 12 great months for Apple. Ever since Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPod all those years ago, it has seemed like everything Apple touches turns to gold.

The giant of tech industry has some of the most impressive customer retention rates of any company in the world.

The simple design, easy-to-use products have people clamouring to get their hands on every new device Apple unveils.

And, of course, we now have pretty much universal syncing and cloud computing. This new technology means that Apple customers will be compelled to keep buying the products, rather than risk have to start again with a whole new range of gadgets.

But it seems Apple’s dominance is not all-conquering. It is human, after all. The tech giant has seen sales of its iPhone actually go down in mainland Europe, as the Euro zone crisis takes its toll on people’s spending habits.
Apple sales boosted by iPhone 4S

While the release of the iPhone 4S earlier this year boosted sales for Apple in most parts of the world, it was a different story in Europe.

While we might be tightening our belts a little here in Britain, in Europe they are really gearing up for a storm, and are turning away from Apple’s expensive products.

In France, Apple saw its share of the smartphone market drop from 29% down to 20%. And in Germany, it slipped from 27% down to 22%, with similar drops seen in Italy and Spain.
Android dominance

As other tech companies muscle in to the smartphone market, Apple has struggled to justify its high prices during the economic turmoil Europe is experiencing.

Google’s Android has taken advantage of this, increasing its share in the European market to become the dominant smartphone force.

In Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, Android has now taken the majority of the market. The iOS alternative now holds an impressive 61% share.
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