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вівторок, 22 листопада 2011 р.

TuneUp Helps PC Users Make Their Windows 7 Systems Look Like Windows 8

(openPR) - What: Many Windows 7 users are tired of the classic Aero design. To help them freshen up their PCs’ interface, TuneUp offers a step-by-step guide on how to get the look and feel of Windows 8 with TuneUp Styler. Windows 7 users can not only get Windows 8’s start screen but also the operating system’s new Start Orb.

Who: Any Windows 7 PC user who is looking to recreate the look of Windows 8.

Where: TuneUp provides detailed information, helpful tips and screenshots at blog.tune-up.com. All of the information is free, and readers can post their own experiences directly on the blog to help others.

When: PC users can access the free information anytime by visiting blog.tune-up.com or by interacting with TuneUp’s PC tuning experts on Twitter and Facebook.

Resources: Blog Posts: Make Windows 7 Look Like “8”
Twitter: @TuneUp4Windows
Facebook: TuneUp Fan Page
YouTube: TuneUp4Windows Channel
Google+: TuneUp Utilities Page
Podcasts: TuneUp Podcasts about Windows
Product: TuneUp Utilities and 15-Day Trial Download

About TuneUp:
TuneUp Corporation, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany-based TuneUp Software GmbH, the leading provider of intelligent software tools that enable users to get optimal use of their operating systems and programs. The company was founded to serve the North American market, with a focus on supporting TuneUp Utilities sales to consumers, retailers, SMBs and enterprises.

TuneUp protects users from PC problems, while helping them increase the performance and security of their computers. Since 1997, the TuneUp brand has produced best in class, high-quality products. In order to maintain high standards without being bound to patents, licenses and third-party suppliers, TuneUp develops all of its solutions in-house. This, in addition to keeping close contact with customers and incorporating their feedback, enables TuneUp to continuously grow as a company, as well as design products that meet customers’ needs.

TuneUp Utilities is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Chinese. For more information, visit www.tune-up.com, and for detailed Windows tips and tricks, visit the TuneUp Blog about Windows: blog.tune-up.com
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