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вівторок, 22 листопада 2011 р.

4" iPhone 5: Bigger, Faster, Longer?

As the dust settles on iPhone 4S, i5 rumours are coming hard and fast. iLounge, have pieced together a picture of the new iPhone 5 based on tips from ‘sources’ which indicate a bigger 4 inch screen and a full 8mm longer, with possibly an aluminum metal casing.

However, this 4 inch screen, if it comes to pass, could have Steve Jobs turning in his grave, as he was said to abhor the bigger iPhone 5 screen so much he scrapped the entire project, and quickly developed a 4S model in its place.

Jobs wanted to keep the 3.5 inch standard iPhone screen to keep it on par with previous models and prevent the iPhone market from fragmenting.

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Streeeetch: iPhone 5 is growing up and out, apparently. Image: iPhone FAQ

However, if the bigger 4 inch touchscreen comes to pass, it also means Apple is not immune to the current trends in smartphone market with Android rivals like Morotola Razr 4.3" qHD screen, Samsung Galaxy S II and 4.7" HTC Sensation XL all sporting much larger screens than previous.

And unlike teardrop protype versions rumoured last year, the next iPhone will sport the same flat edges as its older 4S sister.

iLounge are also tipping next generation 4G LTE for iPhone 5, which will be almost industry standard here in Australia next year.

It is currently in development phase, say sources, and will hit the Apple tree summer 2012, meaning a July to August time frame here in Oz.

One good reason to look forward to winter then.

So there you have it, the 5 rumour mill has started so expect everything from 'bigger screens', 'skinnier', 'fatter', 'longer', 'shorter', 'Siri reloaded' and every hoped for feature and adjective possible associated with the iPhone 5 for the next while.
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