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3 great Evernote tips for businesses

If you’re already a seasoned Evernote client, consider incorporating these three tips into your workflow.

It’s no secret that Evernote—available for iOS, Android and QNX tablets—is one of the most useful free productivity applications on the market today.

Robust, flexible and easy to use, this cloud-based app can help you take legible meeting notes, create collections of associated files, record audio, timestamp your content, capture images with your device’s camera and keep everything synchronized between multiple computers, smartphones and tablets with no effort.

1. Clip and save web articles

If you need to capture articles from a website for future reference, Evernote’s free Clearly browser extension for PC and Mac systems is a great option. It allows users to isolate a web article’s content and images, and does away with superfluous content such as advertisements, page fixtures and other distractions. With a click of your mouse, Clearly will clip and send articles to your Evernote account, making it both possible and easy to read them on your tablet later.

2. Share your notes via Facebook or Twitter

Leveraging the reach of social media has become the tool of choice for many organizations when it comes to communicating with their existing customers and potential client base en masse. Thanks to an update rolled out this past summer, Evernote for iPad users now have the option of broadcasting their notes via Facebook or Twitter, making the app a one-stop shop for creating, editing and disseminating your message to the masses.

3. Upgrade to premium

While Evernote is available as a free service, we highly recommend the premium version, which offers users a number of perks. Evernote Premium subscribers enjoy a larger monthly upload/download cap, offline notebook viewing and editing, the ability for other users to edit their notes (perfect for work groups), note versioning and PDF searching. All for a very reasonable five dollars per month—or $45.00 per year.
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