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середа, 6 липня 2011 р.

iPad 2 Jailbreak Drama: The “Real” Story.

Yesterday morning we learned the iPad 2 jailbreak had leaked into the wild, albiet in an unfinished state. At the time, it was claimed an internal/private beta tester was to blame for directly leaking the files. Late yesterday, however, the claimed leaker — 20 year-old Ryan Lobbins from Arizona — attempted to clear his name on his blog. His main defense: Curiosity.

According to his story, the leak was indirectly his fault. Adding to that, Lobbins says that he never claimed to be a beta tester. That claim — and the entire elaborate story from yesterday’s article — appears to have come from the person he sent the files to to test.

Lobbins initially downloaded the iPad 2 jailbreak files to try on his iPad 2 (out of curiosity) but they didn’t work. Lobbins then uploaded the files he pulled from Comex’s server to his own website/server and directed fellow iDevice forum member “MultimediaWill” (Will Sawyer) to test the files on his device to see if the jailbreak even worked at all. To both guys’ surprise, they did. And that’s where things went south. Will promised he wouldn’t leak the files. As we all know now, that didn’t exactly end up being the truth.

Lobbins has since deleted any and all files relating to the iPad 2 jailbreak off of his server and has gone on to say that he feels “stupid” and “horrible” for how things played out. But the damage has already been done.

Is this the end of the drama? For now, perhaps. Stay tuned…
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