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середа, 6 липня 2011 р.

Beware of Apple iPad 2 Jailbreak Claims

Notwithstanding the tall claims of iPad 2 jailbreak, beware of such claims and claimants. They may charge you money and may also destroy your pricey tablet too.

The iOS jailbreaking scene is somehow animated with Apple about to roll out a host of new products this fall. Apple is supposedly set to bring out next version for its iPhone, (likely an iPhone 5) iPad (an iPad 3) and iPod touch (an iPod touch 5th gen) late this year.

That means iOS jailbreak hackers will have to work hard to develop suitable hacks for the new devices and software updates.

Hackers are yet to develop a better jailbreak hack for iPad 2, the second generation iPad Apple launched in April 2011. Though three months have gone away, not a reliable exploit is still available for the tablet PC. As per reports, jailbreakers like Comex, iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team are working on a hack for iPad 2.

Comex, the famous developer of JailbreakMe.com, an untethered PDF-based exploit for iPhone 4, may be bringing up an update for the same, may be a JailbreakMe 3.0 for iPad 2. Many rumors tell that the iPad 2 hack may certainly be a userland jailbreak like JailbreakMe.

In the meantime, Dev Team and Chronic Dev are also in progress to develop jailbreaks for iPad 2. Chronic Dev Team may be working on an update for its GreenPois0n for iPad 2. Whatever, it is high time that iPad 2 users need a hack since reports on iPad are going abuzz on the Web.

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