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четвер, 5 травня 2011 р.

Next Generation Cloud Messaging API Focused on Android and Windows Phone 7

COOPER CITY, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Linxter, Inc., provider of message-oriented cloud middleware, today announced the version 2.0 release of its Software Development Kit (SDK). The Linxter cloud messaging platform simplifies mobile and distributed app development by enabling software engineers to implement secure, reliable, durable transactional data exchange on Android, Windows Phone 7 and anything .NET or Java. The Linxter SDK, sample code, and video tutorials are available at http://linxter.com.

“Linxter 2.0 brings new features and performance improvements to the cloud messaging market”

“Linxter 2.0 brings new features and performance improvements to the cloud messaging market,” stated Jason Milgram, Linxter Founder and CEO. “We have added audit copy capabilities, introduced privileged program instances, and increased performance of our Internet Service Bus (ISB).”

Message-oriented cloud middleware -- also known as cloud messaging -- is like email for programs. Using Linxter, programs can securely and reliably exchange data and file attachments. Built-in controls allow businesses to manage who or what can send and receive messages, and enforce changes in data exchange rules as needed.

Linxter v2.0’s audit copy feature allows companies to adhere to government compliance requirements like SEC Rule 17a, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA. With this feature, a company can specify whether to have an audit copy made of messages sent and received by instances of their program. Companies can designate to send audit copies to an on-site location or to a third party data retention provider.

Linxter v2.0’s privileged instances feature receives incoming messages sent to all instances of a program, and distributes or processes them according to an app’s requirements. Individual (non-privileged) instances operate normally, maintaining their ability to manage communication channels and send messages. This concept is similar to an SMTP server, which receives all email messages and distributes them to the individual email accounts on a server.

Linxter 2.0 reflects our continued commitment to innovation. With our first public beta release in May 2008, Linxter became the first cloud messaging platform providing secure, reliable, durable transactional data exchange between applications. Our message reliability and durability continue to set us apart from other cloud platforms.

Reliability and durability is achieved in part due to the use of flat transactions in every message exchange. A message being sent is not removed from the sender’s local queue until its successful delivery is verified. With the new features added in version 2.0, in addition to the host of features currently provided, Linxter strives to remain the cloud messaging platform of choice when security and reliability matter.

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