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четвер, 5 травня 2011 р.

Desktops and Notebooks: Apple iMac Features Fast Intel, AMD Chips, FaceTime HD Cameras: iFixit

Apple took a break from defending itself during the swirling controversy around iPhone data-collection practices to introduce its new iMac all-in-ones May 3. Arriving months before the previous models reached their first birthdays, their most notable updates include Intel ThunderBolt I/O technology, FaceTime high-definition cameras and speedy AMD and Intel processors, making for machines that are 70 percent faster than their predecessors and offer three times the graphics performance, according to Apple. Repair site iFixit quickly got to work on a teardown and found the ThunderBolt port IC to be similar but not identical to the technology debuted in the MacBook Pro, the same LG displays that Apple used last year, a win for Atheros, on the communications front, and the surprising option of being able to replace the GPU without springing for a whole new logic board. Unlike the repair-averse MacBook Air, the new iMac earned a repair score of 7 out of 10—making it "very respectable," according to iFixit.

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