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середа, 6 квітня 2011 р.

Sleek iPad 2 outshines iPad 1

For those of us who spent months saving up to buy an iPad, the news of its upgrade came as a bit of a downer.

Even though the original iPad came with a pretty lofty price (and only AT&T service until recently), the public wasted no time plucking them off the shelves. These handy-dandy touch screen tablets are more convenient than an awkward notepad, and let's be honest here; they're a pretty stylish status symbol. So leave it to Apple to wait until we've all got the best new toy in town to release a newer one.

Luckily, besides a few cosmetic differences and a one really fun camera, the iPad 2 is fairly similar to those we are carrying around now.

The first thing I noticed was the color option: black or white. Personally, I prefer the black. But it's nice to know people have options. I'm guessing iPad 2 users will opt for the white, because otherwise people may not automatically realize it's the newest iPad.

According to apple.com, the new iPad is 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter. This is noticeably true. A side-by-side comparison of the two made the differences even more pronounced. After playing around with the newer version for a few moments, my once light iPad seemed weighty by comparison.

The camera feature was especially fun. The front and rear cameras make the new iPad perfect for web chatting, taking video and snapping pictures. This was the aspect of the new tablet I envied most.

I'm not sure when or why I'd use it, but the option to record myself while I play "Angry Birds" is highly appealing.

The apple website and the friendly Apple employees assured me the processing speed is higher. The newer version has a dual-core A5 chip, whatever that means.

For laymen like myself, the name of the chip isn't what's important—it's the performance. So I took the sleek, lightweight, camera infused toy for a little test drive.

The operating system is identical, so there aren't any new functions to learn, and the standard applications are the same except for the added camera utilities. I loaded up the Safari web browser and surfed the Internet for a while, and then I played around with some of the applications.

When it came to speed, clarity and ease of access, I couldn't tell my tablet from the new one. Videos and photos all loaded just as quickly as do those on my iPad, and loading speeds and scrolling was the same was well.

But the price is the kicker. I hoped the new iPad would sport a higher price for the added camera and alleged speed increase. That way I could feel justified in keeping my older version. But comparatively speaking, the new tablets' prices don't differ much from those of the iPad 1. They range from $499-$829 depending on gigabyte size and service plans (3G network connection will cost you extra).

So now I have to pretend to hate the new iPad in order to mask my envy. But until then, does anyone want to buy my iPad 1?
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