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понеділок, 11 квітня 2011 р.

Fujitsu Tablet to Dual Boot Windows 7, Symbian

Fujitsu has already started working on Windows 7 based tablets which are to be unveiled at the COMPUTEX 2011. But that's not the only thing on Fujitsu's mind. The company is said to be working closely with NTT DoCoMo on a custom tablet F-07C that will dual-boot Windows 7 and Symbian operating system. The information looks fake and quite impossible at first instance.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in January, Microsoft had announced that it will bring ARM architecture support for Windows 7. Hence, it's quite plausible that Fujitsu tablet will run Windows 7 (Starter Edition). What is surprising is the dual-boot option and that too with Symbian OS.

Now we know that Nokia has joined hands with Microsoft for using Windows Phone 7 as its primary smartphone mobile operating system. But Fujitsu going for a dual-booting tablet with Windows 7 and Symbian is quite bizarre.

The upcoming Fujitsu Tablet F-07C has a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. The image below shows it running Windows 7.

Take a look at its specifications:

- Windows 7/Symbian dual OS, one-touch switch
- 125mm (H) 61mm (W) 19.8mm (D)
- 4-inch WSVGA (1024 600) touchscreen
- Intel Atom, 32GB SSD
- USB & HDMI terminal for sale with an optional cradle

Dual-booting Fujitsu tablet does look interesting but it is too early to tell whether it would be released as a commercial product or is merely a prototype. Even if it releases, it would be restricted to South-Asia region only.

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