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понеділок, 11 квітня 2011 р.

Bootup: RIM bosses talk PlayBook with NYT

Today in technology: Canada’s major political parties unveil their digital economy strategies as the 41st general election heats up, Steve Jobs will have an official biography out by next year, Mike Lazaridis believes the PlayBook will save Research In Motion Ltd., and video footage of the new touch screen BlackBerry Bold is leaked online.

Lazaridis believes PlayBook will save RIM as new Bold is leaked online
Ian Austen of The New York Times recently had the opportunity to interview both RIM co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, about the launch of the upcoming RIM tablet, the PlayBook. Turns out Mr. Lazaridis believes what RIM watchers have been saying for some time: that the PlayBook will be able to fix the broken BlackBerry brand. In the interview, Mr. Lazaridis openly wonders why RIM watchers are so down on the company despite its growth over the past two years.

With the BlackBerry World Conference now just weeks away, many fans of the Waterloo, Ontario technology darling are starting to wonder what other new products RIM has up its sleeve besides the business-focused tablet the world has been waiting seven months to see. A touch screen version of the BlackBerry Bold — codenamed the “Montana”, footage of which having been posted to YouTube by BBLeaks over the weekend — might just be one of them.

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