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April 25, 2011, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch new releases

New iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps

Green Bean Games has released LastStandStanFree 1.0, a free lite version of their popular outer-space game for iOS devices. LastStandStan sees the user protecting the Po’Trubians from the Sleevils as the character Stan. He sits in the middle of the screen whilst a hoard of enemies attack him, wave by wave. There are several weapon upgrades for Stan that destroy the enemies faster than the regular gun, but expire much quicker than the rest. We recommend keeping them for the 4 boss levels.
MobileFlow LLC has announced Fieldforce 2.0, a major update to their popular productivity app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Fieldforce is an indispensable tool for field team productivity with new features for real-time push messaging, group location mapping, shared contacts, to do’s, and easy CRM. Version 2.0 introduces a new homescreen feature, as well as includes upgrades to the group messaging, push notification, invitation process and more.
Power App has introduced GeigerMap 1.0 for iOS, their new Health & Fitness app that provides updated radiation readings from more than 7,500 official and private measuring stations worldwide. This represents more readings than are available in any other smartphone or PC application. GeigerMap consists of a searchable, global Google Map that displays crowd-sourced Geiger counter readings. Each colored pushpin can be tapped to read the name of the town or city and its current radiation level.
Typhuun, LLC has announced Ping Scope 2.0, their network monitoring utility for iOS devices. Ping Scope provides an easy-to-use interface to monitor any IP network device and shows the status using color coded LEDs allowing network and server administrators single touch device status updates. The app’s troubleshooting panel provides extensive configurable parameters to do advanced network troubleshooting to isolate issues in todays complex networks.
Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo has introduced Erzulie’s Voodoo 1.0, the first ever Vodou app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Learn the secrets about the mysterious world of Vodou. This visually vivid app provides a comprehensive history of Vodou, from its West African roots to Haiti and New Orleans. Erzulie’s Voodoo offers accurate explanations of rituals, ceremonies, Vodou spirits, magical fetishes and more sacred aspects, rarely revealed to outsiders.
Riccardo Pietrucci has announced the release and worldwide availability of the updated version of AllSync for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The update features new and uncluttered design, polished and easy to use interface and more social channels to sync with. Allsync will be especially appreciated by everyone who wants to stay in a loop with the latest updates from their friends’ profiles and keep all their contact information handy.
IniDyne has introduced Dark Realms 1.0, a medieval fantasy themed game for iOS devices. Join Thorak the barbarian as he travels the unforgiving roads of the Dark Realms. Soothe his battle lust by fighting the minions of the Evil Lord in a journey that will take you into the darkest recesses of the Earth. Dark Realms features massive levels, interactive environments, 15 different kinds of fully animated enemies, epic boss battles, immersive sound effects and dynamic controls.
Yuu Interactive S.A.S. has announced jUNK! 1.1, a 3D robotic action shooter game for iPhone 4, 4G iPod touch, and iPad. jUNK! is the nickname of the beloved robot warrior created many years ago to become the perfect soldier, but soon discarded and replaced by modern robots. jUNK! focuses on inmediate action, with one touch to jump into the battlefield, without endless menus. Featuring a survival mode, fight against 5 types of foes in 10 waves of insane robotic action.
GP Cubed, LLC has announced SUP! 1.0, their new social networking app for iPhone, iPad and iPd touch devices. SUP! delivers a practical means of coordinating your schedule with friends, and makes getting together simple as it should be. A simple visual calendar shows what your friends are up to and when. Every event contains a persistent chat screen, so you and your friends are literally all on the same page when discussing the details.
Hairy Monster Studios has announced Bowl Em Hoops, their latest game made for the iPhone and iPod touch. Bowl Em Hoops combines Skee-Ball like play with the classic basketball shooting games. Go head to head against your friends with Game Center multiplayer support including voice chat. Flick your finger to roll the ball up the alley into one of five hoops racking up points and unlocking unique and challenging bonus levels such Double Bonus, Spell Shot, Moving Target and Rainbow Jumpers.

New apps for iPad only

Holderness Media Inc. has introduced iMelodica 1.0 for iPad devices. iMelodica is a fun, great sounding virtual melodica for the iPad. Also known by the names “wind piano”, “melodyhorn”, etc. traditional melodicas are wind instruments that are played by blowing into the mouthpiece while pressing the keys. iMelodica can be played in 3 different positions by holding down one of 3 wind buttons while touching the keys.
Daniel Ethier has introduced Gradekeeper for iPad 1.0, his companion app to Gradekeeper for Windows and Mac OS X. Thousands of teachers use Gradekeeper, and now they can work with their Gradekeeper classes on the iPad. Teachers can take attendance, add new assignments and scores, view student progress reports, including category and term summaries as well as easily copy their existing classes to the iPad using iTunes file sharing and more.
Sysapps has introduced 9 Cards 1.0, their new puzzle game for the iPad, iPod and iPhone. 9 Cards is a highly entertaining and addictive game which keeps you engaged for hours. The object of the game is to arrange the cards in such way that heads and tails of the same color match. The game play is based on dragging the cards and forming a 3x3 square, to match heads, tails and colors some rotating is needed which can be achieved by tapping the cards.
LazyTown Entertainment, in cooperation with Castle Builders, has announced the release and worldwide availability of their free LazyTown BooClips 1.1 application. LazyTown BooClips are the new way to read books with a variety of fantastic features. Features include; word for word narration, voice-over recording, 3D, sign language interpretation, translation to different languages, easy navigation between pages, an animated magnifying glass, a dynamic bookmark and more.
Stefan Preuss has introduced Hummingz EVO HD 1.0 for Apple’s revolutionary iPad device. Hummingz EVO HD is a fun retro arcade shooter with extras and boss enemies. Shoot your way through many different levels filled with nasty bugs, spiders, frogs, bees and more. Hummingz EVO HD offers two game modes with fun and fast arcade style action. Fight huge boss enemies and collect extras. The game is easy to control; players can use just one finger to control their bug.

New accessories

ZooGue has announced the iPad 2 Case, Genius Black Leather is available for immediate purchase. When people are looking for the best case to fit their tablet computer needs, the ZooGue Case Genius far exceeds their expectations. For those who require a case providing limitless adjustability, a strong and sturdy stand and adjustable straps that double as a hand strap or headrest mount, they find the ZooGue Case Genius provides all of these options and more.
Fusion of Ideas has done it again with off-the-wall laser-engravings. This time they’ve partnered with The Office fansite OfficeTally to give away Michael Scott-engraved StealthArmor covers to 6 lucky winners. As you may have heard, Michael Scott is leaving The Office after seven seasons, and as huge fans of the show, Fusion of Ideas wanted to say good-bye in their own “special” way.
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