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середа, 13 квітня 2011 р.

Apple iPhone 5 production map not yet released?

A couple of days ago, some analysts mentioned that the iPhone 5 won’t be in production until September. This news broke some hearts – especially those people who’ve been on the 3GS and looking to upgrade this June, but some remained hopeful about the iPhone 5 still arriving on time. Well some new reports seem to corroborate with the analysts’ statements. According to the folks at DigiTimes, Apple has not released the iPhone 5 production roadmap to the touchscreen manufacturers yet. They also claim that shipments for iPhone 4 touch panels are still arriving steadily, which shows that Apple are still focusing on the iPhone 4 and won’t be manufacturing any next-gen iPhones soon. While there’s been so many reports about the iPhone 5 being delayed, there’s really no telling if these rumors mean a thing. For all we know, the manufacturers could have signed a contract to not reveal anything and have been feeding the media and public with false information and Apple releases a new iPhone right on time at the WWDC this year, shocking everyone. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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