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четвер, 10 березня 2011 р.

Windows Phone 7 copy and paste update set for late March

The first major (and much delayed) Windows Phone 7 update is finally set to make a showing later this month, according to Microsoft. Read on for details.

The update, code-named “Nodo”, should add the much sought-after copy and paste functionality to Windows Phone 7, as well as a host of performance tweaks. Apps, for example, should load up much faster once the update has been applied.

We had already heard from Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer that the Nodo update would be making an appearance in March, but we’ve now had confirmation that it will arrive towards the end of the month. According to a Google translation of Microsoft’s French blog, “this update will be available for the second half of March through your Zune software.”

So that you know when the update is available, “A notification will be pushed on all the Windows 7 Phone, allowing you to perform the update in the best conditions.”

A larger update, known as “Mango” is rumoured to be hitting at a much later date – possibly as late as 2012. This promises to add multitasking and Internet Explorer 9 support, among other things.

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