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вівторок, 8 березня 2011 р.

Windows 8 leaked screenshots show Windows Live integration, taskbar tweaks

Tangible Windows 8 details are beginning to emerge with some screenshots of the OS making the rounds on the Internet. Not much is revealed, but we do get a glimpse at a couple interesting changes.

For starters, taskbar progress indicator support has been expanded to other built-in Windows functions, like hardware installation. Windows Live integration is evolving, too -- you'll be able to log in to Windows 8 using your Windows Live ID and have your avatar set to your local Windows profile picture. This also hints at further integration with the cloud.

There's also a lot of noise being made about an eight-minute Windows 8 install process, though if you've loaded Windows 7 from a bootable SATA hard drive onto a system you've already seen pretty similar speeds (and that's what the tester used, not a DVD). The post also refers to a factory restore function, which would roll back your Windows 8 installation back to its day-one glory in about two minutes.

It's also clear that excited Windows 8 leakers aren't paying any attention to Microsoft's not-so-subtle wallpaper. We're not entirely sad about that.

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