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пʼятниця, 4 березня 2011 р.

Microsoft resuming first Windows Phone update process for Samsung phones

Last month we reported that Microsoft was facing a few technical glitches that led to temporary suspension of the first Windows Phone update to Samsung phones. In a recent development, the company has announced that they will resume the updating process for Samsung handsets running Windows Phone 7.

The company will also continue rolling out the update to other Windows Phone 7-based mobile devices. According to a post on the Windows blog, the first official update software patch will be gradually sent out onto users’ devices. The owners of handsets running on the Windows Phone 7 platform will receive a message when it’s available.

The team of engineers at Microsoft have been working to solve the problem which prevented a small percentage of devices from receiving the update. The company has also apologized to those who might have faced difficulties while trying to access the February update. Microsoft further asserted that it will continue seeking various other options to enhance the updating process.
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