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понеділок, 7 березня 2011 р.

CRPF inaugurates computer centre for youth

A computer training centre of the CRPF was inaugurated on Monday to wean away youths, who had fought pitched battle with security forces last summer.

"We know the problems of society so this is our small effort to deliver and connect with the people," Deputy Inspector General of CRPF for Srinagar, P K Singh, said after inaugurating the computer center.

Singh said such efforts have been a regular feature of security agencies but "when situation goes wrong, the efforts go slow because a communication gap develops."

"Otherwise our efforts continue round the year so that we remain connected with the youth and other sections of society," Singh said.

The last three years have been a difficult time for the CRPF and local police after the Valley witnessed increasing street protests with stone-pelting youth taking the centrestage in confrontation with security agencies.

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