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понеділок, 14 березня 2011 р.

Apple's iPhone can't tell time, owners oversleep

Daylight savings time ended up being more confusing than necessary for a group of iPhone owners whose smartphones turned on them Sunday morning. Tweeters barraged Apple with complaints after the iPhone fell back an hour, even though the rest of us intended to spring forward. The glitch put affected iPhone clocks two hours behind the rest of the world, understandably enraging owners.

Tweeters both condemned and consoled the iPhone, some cursing the fact that they almost missed church or yoga, while others went defensive on Apple's behalf. One tweeter even posted, "My iPhone correctly changed its clock. It's a truly revolutionary device." Yet, despite this Apple geek's enthusiasm, this isn't the first time that Apple's iPhone has had trouble telling time. On New Year's Day, an alarm mishap left the previous evening's party-goers snoozing comfortably throughout New Year's morning. Not to mention that the iPhone had similar difficulties adjusting to the end of daylight savings time last November.

The iPhone showed no discrimination between AT&T subscribers and Verizon Wireless subscribers; both were affected by the glitch. Tweeters offered a quick and easy solution to the problem, suggesting to turn the device off and back on, or to turn on Airplane Mode and then turn it back off.
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