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четвер, 10 лютого 2011 р.

WinMate, Windows System Optimizer

System optimizers, know one know all, or so they say. While it is true that the majority of system optimizers offer a similar feature set, it is the little things that often make a difference. WinMate is a free Windows system optimizer that runs an optimization scan on startup.

The scan assesses settings and features of the operating system and installed application, displaying an overall score and information about issues that have been found afterwards.

Issues are divided into danger items, recommended fixes and safe security items.


Action buttons are displayed next to issues to fix them directly. The program lacks explanations and it is not always clear why something is rated dangerous or unoptimized.

The program will scan for junk files and user traces, Internet Explorer security settings, shared resources and other issues.

The diagnostic module is only one of the features of WinMate. The menu in the left sidebar and tabs lead to additional modules. It is for instance possible to run a Registry cleaner, duplicate file scan or junk file cleaner individually.

Other features include:

* Internet Explorer plugin manager, Internet Explorer repair, url blocker and LSP repair
* System optimizer with Registry tweaks that optimize the system, startup and services manager
* A program uninstaller (without cleanup module to find leftovers)
* Internet Explorer favorites and driver backup
* File wiper, network shared manager, disk immunue to disable autorun and links to Windows system tools like the disk management console or the Directx diagnostic tool.

windows system optimizer

WinMate combines system optimization with security hardening of the system. That alone makes it interesting. The program lacks explanations on the other hand, and it is obvious that the developer’s native language is not English.

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