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четвер, 24 лютого 2011 р.

Best Practices for Deploying Windows 7

I recently had the chance to sit down with John West from Microsoft Services to talk about his work with our business customers, and he mentioned some really helpful tips for ensuring success with Windows 7 Enterprise deployments. It’s my pleasure to bring these best practices to you, along with some of my favorite customer stories of successful Windows 7 deployments.

Microsoft Services is the services and support division of Microsoft and helps customers around the world get the most value out of their investments in Microsoft products and technologies. In his role as a technology consultant, John has created a deployment solution used to migrate more than 200,000 PCs from one technology to another, including Windows 7.

To learn more and to read the entire article at its source, please refer to the following page, Best Practices for Deploying Windows 7- Windows for your Business Blog

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